Kaba Festival III – 2016

This festival is held once a year to showcase the works of performing art that created through a long process before. It means that the works of performing art are interwoven with two small programs that also held by Galombang Minangkabau, namely Nan Jombang Tanggal 3 (A monthly festival for the Minangkabau traditional art) and Seniman Bicara di Akhir Bulan (An art forum among artists from the realms of literature, theater, visual arts, music, dance, etc.). In ther words, any work performed at the Kaba Festival is an articulation of ideas that discussed from the two small programs mentioned.

The festival is designed to bring viewers (Performing Arts Observer, Producer, Program Manager, Director of Performing Arts Festival as well as Art Enthusiasts) to visit the festival and see the living potential in Indonesia at this time: West Sumatra!

The Framework

The creative process in creating artwork will never be finished. We can learn about it from Minangkabau traditional artists. For them, art is a habitual action, not for festival’s sake. So, each artist in this fesstival is expected to attract other artists to start c reating artwork. No matter about place where it will be shown.

But, in practice, it is not enough place for contemporary artists to put the work into its public. The govenment had no program. So, this should be done: it’s time to initiate a sort of an art space held by the artists themselves in the sense that it not only about the concept and the work of art which are contributed to the festival, but also the cost. Briefly, KABA Festival is a manifestation of the process, work, and production.

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